May experience You Shook Me All Night Long here


A Luxfer bathroom beside the bed



Original studio recorder STUDER. Sex Pistols made a records on it!



Wall Clock we made from Eva Pilarová LP vinyl record



Barrels, lamps from drilling machines



Oak floor and stylish furniture


Welcome to Retro hotel GARAGE!


If you want to experience something different, you are in the right place.


We have just opened a hotel where every room is unique and original, with a real drive for luxury! (you can even sleep in The Harley Davidson apartment). This hotel can guarantee an experience of an unforgettable night for any car lovers, motor bikers and musicians – because the beds and rooms are themed inspired.


For car lovers and motor bikers we can offer themed floors with interiors of Rolls Royce and Jaguar also apartment Harley Davidson or Moto GPApart from those unique rooms you can choose to spend a night in car wash, car service room or Ralley Dakar. If you would like to feel more sophisticated you can enjoy our president apartment.  For musicians and Hollywood lovers we have prepared unique rooms such as Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and our apartment is of course Elvis themed.  Or you can choose The Hippy room, Rock and Roll or Hollywood.


Part of the entire Rock and Roll GARAGE complex is a restaurant, a music club with a concert and congress hall, lounges, an outdoor terrace, a children’s park and a private brewery with Garagemistr beers.


Choose your room according to your mood and taste. Everything is covered on the web page and we hope once you experience our unique hotel your stay won’t be the last one.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the

Retro hotel Garage